10 Energy Saving Tips for Summer

With the cooling season fast approaching, it’s not too early to take energy saving tips to make sure your home will be comfortable without wasting energy or money as the temperature rises. Check out these Energy Saving Tips to make the most of your summer:

  1. Seal any leaks, install weather-stripping, and add extra insulation to lower your energy bills and stay comfortable.
  2. If you’re in the market for a new air conditioner, make sure you choose a product with the ENERGY STAR label.
  3. Set your air conditioner thermostat as high as comfortable – we usually recommend around 78ºF. Use a smart thermostat to automatically adjust the temperature.
  4. Have your central ac unit maintained and tuned up.  Clean or replace filters regularly (we recommend monthly) for more efficient performance.
  5. Keep blinds and windows closed during the day. Closing curtains and blinds will help keep the room cooler and your energy bills lower.
  6. Ceiling fans are also low-cost ways to stay comfortable and save energy.
  7. Barbeque more often. Avoid using the oven and use a microwave or an outdoor grill instead. Minimize indoor heat: by running the dryer and dishwasher in the evening or let your dishes air dry.
  8. Set water heater to 120ºF.
  9. When doing laundry, wash clothes with cold water.
  10. Check with your utility company for rebates or other incentives like energy audits, adding insulation or air sealing, and upgrading your air conditioning equipment.

These cooling tips can help ensure the heat doesn’t burn a hole in your wallet.  Warm weather comes with a price. But, with some preparation, you can manage your energy use wisely and keep your bill down. Contact us for any HVAC repairs you need.

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