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What Is a Forced Air Heating System?

The popularity that a forced air heating system is getting is due to its ability to keep a place warm. It can even remove dust and other allergens like pollen in the process. So if you are planning to have one installed at home, here are the things that you need to know.

Forced Air Heating System: How Does It Work

The heat pump and the in-room vents are two of the elements that make a forced air heating system work. It draws the cold air and converts it using the heat pump. It then distributes the heated air throughout the entire space through the ductwork. And the air filter where the air passes through is what keeps the air free from any solid particles and bacteria.

The air handler is what regulates and circulates the air after it passes through the heat source. While the blower motor is what helps in dispersing the air throughout the entire home.

So basically, the air is pulled and then goes into your home through the refrigerant lines. It passes through the air handler and is being distributed through the ducts.

Your heating system will automatically draw the outdoor air once you rely on your heat pump for warm air. It will then repeat the same process until the desired temperature is reached.

The Advantages of a Forced Air Heating System

Aside from improving the quality of air in your home, a forced air heating system also promotes the use of less energy. They might sound ordinary but there’s actually more into using this air heating system than you can imagine.

Comfortable and Good Quality of Air

The first benefits of using a forced air heating system are the comfort and the quality of air that it brings. Since it uses a filter, it traps all the particles and allergens present in the air. Eventually, the quality of air inside your home will be enhanced.

Failure to filter out allergens will only put your family’s health at risk. While the added dehumidifier keeps the humidity of the air at the optimum level, making it comfortable without additional use of energy.

Eco-Friendly and Energy-Efficient

No need to worry about your electricity bill shooting up with its ensured efficiency ratings. This kind of cooling and heating system is also required by the government to be environmentally friendly.

Also Capable of Cooling

Just because it is basically used to warm a space doesn’t mean it can no longer be used for cooling. This type of HVAC system is actually a combination of both heating and cooling. And no need for additional ductwork. The same passages are used to deliver either cold or warm air into your home.

What Is a Forced Air Heating System?

The Disadvantages of a Forced Air Heating System

It is also important to know the disadvantages of installing a forced air heating system to weigh your options better. And here are a few examples.

Air May Not Be Distributed Evenly

The ability of this heating system to distribute air evenly depends on the proper installation of the vents and the ductwork. So if a piece of furniture happens to block the vent, then it will affect how the heat will be distributed throughout the entire house. The same goes if the installation of the ductwork is poorly done.

There Is a Possibility of Being Noisy

It is expected to hear some noise if the HVAC system installed is undersized. As the cycle of heating the air continues, you will most likely hear the air being forced through the ducts, as well as the fans.

If you happen to experience some noise in your heating and cooling system, you may contact Cool Pro Atlanta to have it checked by our trusted technicians.

Requires Regular Maintenance

Failure to schedule regular maintenance for your HVAC system will lead to creating an unhealthy environment. Instead of filtering out unwanted airborne particles, you will only spread them by being unable to properly clean your furnace filter.

Have Your Forced Air Heating System Installed Today!

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So if you need a forced air heating system installed in your home today, you may simply give us a call or get your free estimate.

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