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Types of HVAC Systems

1. Heating and Cooling Split Systems

The heating and cooling split system is the most popular HVAC system. It has two main systems, one for cooling and the other for heating. They consist of an outdoor unit (central air conditioner) and an indoor furnace. A thermostat manages the systems within the home to push air throughout the vents and ducts. With the use of a fan, compressors and refrigerant, the central unit blows out the hot air in you home.

2. Ductless HVAC 

A ductless HVAC system provides some advantages over traditional HVAC systems: energy efficient, remote control, and room-to-room comfort. With multiple units located inside each room for individual controlled cooling and heating. The units are much easier to install than a central HVAC system and are mounted on the walls and which connect to an outdoor connector.

3. Hybrid HVAC System

A hybrid HVAC system has an electric hybrid heater system allowing the option to choose between gas power or electric power to heat a home. This type of system can save money because it combines furnace with a heating pump instead of air conditioner. The system automatically adjusts to changing temperatures using the most efficient method available.

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