Don't let your air conditioner work on the 4th of july.

Don’t let your Air Conditioner Work Overtime on the 4th of July

It’s time to bust out the grill and light off some fireworks now that summer has officially arrived! Are you planning something big for Independence Day? We sure do at CoolPro Heating and Cooling. Nevertheless, before you throw an outdoor party this year, make sure that you won’t overwork your cooling system!

Here at CoolPro, we strive to keep your home cool and comfortable all year long. It may mean providing peerless ac repair, or providing a perfect and timely replacement. Occasionally, it also means providing you with some “old-fashioned advice.” Let’s examine some ways to keep your cooling system from being stressed this Fourth of July.


There are many memorable events surrounding this holiday. You will find a whole lot of grilling and partying going on. Fireworks, too! However, a busy home can cause a lot of strain on your cooling system, which is a strain you’ll probably feel on your wallet (possibly with an AC repair if things get really bad). Follow these tips to reduce your usage and increase your comfort:

  • Reduce traffic. It is inevitable that doors will open and close to some extent, but this can seriously damage your HVAC system. In the metro Atlanta area, every time the door is opened, a great deal of cool air is lost and a great deal of warm and humid air is gained. When that happens, your cooling system has to compensate every time, making it work very, very hard to keep up. Among other things, it can strain your system and result in a high monthly bill. Be sure to have as many amenities ready before the festivities begin to reduce traffic.
  • Consider raising the temperature. Having a lot of people over pretty much guarantees that your house will be a bit warmer than usual. Raise the temperature in your home by a few degrees to save energy and reduce the load on your cooling system.
  • Make use of fans. In fact, fans don’t really cool a room, but they certainly make people feel cooler. Fans can increase airflow and cool down sweaty guests.
  • Cook in advance. Prepare as much of the indoor cooking as possible before the party. As a result, your system has less work to do keeping up during peak traffic, as less heat is generated.
  • Maintain your system with preventative maintenance. Make sure your air conditioner is in good shape before you start celebrating. Maintaining your system regularly will help it run more efficiently and effectively throughout the season. Check out our helpful summer hvac maintenance tips.

Concerned about a system that is giving you trouble just before the Fourth Festivities? No worries! Get the repair and service you need from CoolPro’s certified HVAC specialists.

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