Is your condensate pump not working?.

Is Your Condensate Pump Not Working?

In order to cool and heat your home, a number of important components must be present. For instance, the condensate pump drains the water that accumulates inside your air conditioning unit.

While the condensate pump performs an important function, it, like all other AC components, can malfunction as it wears down.

There are a few ways you can solve the problem if your condensate pump is not working water out or if you aren’t sure whether or not it’s working.

What’s wrong with my condensate pump?

Let’s start at the beginning – what exactly is a condensate pump?

Condensate pumps are small sump pumps designed to move water from a central collection point to a remote point like a floor  drain or utility sink.

When it comes to your air conditioning, the condensate pump is responsible for collecting the water that builds up inside. The float within the condensate pump is raised as the level of water rises within the reservoir. Eventually, the  float rises to a certain level. A float then hits a float switch. Float switches activate a condensate pump that drains water to the outside  of your home.

Although this is what happens when a condensate pump is working properly, there are some factors that may affect its performance.

Floats and their components can accumulate debris over time, which can potentially clog up the system and prevent it from triggering the float switch or  draining the water. Wear and tear are also factors that can contribute to a condensate pump malfunction as the float and float components age. With normal use, the condensate pump also has a motor, which is prone to wear and tear.

Troubleshooting a Broken Condensate Pump

Even if you aren’t a professional, there are easy ways to correct a faulty condensate pump. Let’s get started.

Step 1. Ensure that power is being supplied to the condensate pump

It is possible for the condensate pump to stop working simply because the power was accidentally turned off or the circuit breaker tripped.

Be sure that the wire connecting the condensate pump is connected to an outlet. Check that the pump’s switch is set to “On” if it’s hardwired.

Step 2. Tap the microswitch gently

Water overflowing from the top of the reservoir means that either the microswitch for the main float or  the pump motor has failed.

Tap the microswitch for the main float with the plastic end of a screwdriver lightly to see if this makes the condensate pump run again.

Often, a light tap will fix a defective microswitch. Always be cautious not to touch the nearby connections since some are high voltage.

Step 3. Check the float

A build-up of algae or debris can also cause the float to become stuck. The condensate pump can shut down if this occurs. Tap the float gently until it moves freely if it is stuck.

Make sure the float is in good condition. It will need to be replaced if it is cracked or damaged.

Step 4. Remove the water from the reservoir

It is a good idea to empty the reservoir of the condensate pump if your air conditioning system has stopped running due to a safety switch. As a temporary fix, it will give you more time before the condensate pump needs to be replaced.

Step 5. Look for clogs

Place a cup underneath the drain hose. You can next try filling one of the holes at the top of the condensate pump with water and see if that makes it work. Be sure that your condensate pump doesn’t run without water in its reservoir, as this could cause damage.

By seeing water drain from the drain hose, you can be sure the hose is not  clogged. If no water comes out of the drain hose then there is likely a clog. You also may need to replace the impeller and valve if they are dirty or damaged.

Step 6. Valve for condensate pump should be cleaned

As algae and debris accumulate in the condensate pump, clogs can occur on the valves and throughout the device. It is relatively easy to clean the valve. To clean a valve, you simply need to remove the drain line, take out the valve, clean it, and replace it. The water should now flow properly again.

Step 7. Condensate pump must be cleaned

In some cases, only the condensate pump valve needs to be cleaned. On the other hand, cleaning the entire condensate pump is best. Due to continuous water pumping from the condensate pump, it is a perfect breeding ground for algae. It can cause the condensate pump to malfunction if the components are blocked.

You should clean your condensate pump now if it has been a while since you did so. Simply turn off the power to both the device and your air conditioning system before cleaning the condensate pump.

With the power off, wash the condensate pump with warm water and dish  soap. Dispose of the water from both the condensate pump and reservoir after removing the outer housing.

We fix and replace condensate pumps in Atlanta

The experts at CoolPro Heating and Cooling are here to help if your condensate pump has stopped pumping water or is experiencing another problem. Your condensate pump will be back in operation in no time thanks to our HVAC professionals. Sometimes it is necessary to replace your condensate pump, and in these cases we can find you the best device based on your budget.

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Is Your Condensate Pump Not Working? | CoolPro Heating and Cooling
Is Your Condensate Pump Not Working? | CoolPro Heating and Cooling
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