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Should You Cover Your AC Unit In the Winter?

Should you cover your AC unit in the winter? One of the most common questions homeowners usually ask when the cold breeze starts to creep in is whether to winterize their AC unit or not.

When fall nights begin to roll, it is best to start planning on how to winterize your HVAC system. The red and orange leaves in the backyard may look pretty. But they will only invite small creatures to nest in your AC unit.

When the snow begins to fall, the icicles may also fall into the top of your unit.

However, some experts don’t recommend recovering your outdoor AC unit during winter. So weigh your options before concluding.

Should you cover your AC unit in the winter? Answer: YES

Learn the pros of covering your outdoor air conditioning unit during winter.

  • Your AC unit will work more efficiently the moment you use it again. This is because the coils are a lot cleaner.
  • Covering your air conditioning unit will keep yard wastes like sticks and leaves from blowing into it.
  • The water will not fall directly and rest on the air conditioning coils. Because once the water freezes, it will only cause damage to the coils.

Should you cover your AC unit in the winter? Answer: NO

Here are the cons of covering your outdoor air conditioning unit in the winter that you must also put into consideration.

  • Covering the entire AC unit will only lead to having high humidity, trapping moisture into the whole HVAC system. As a result, the electrical wiring, and even the circuit boards and all the wiring connections will develop rust and cause corrosion.
  • An air conditioner is designed to be out in the open air. Covering your AC unit will only cause mold growth on the coils due to the proper airflow being blocked. In the same way, the mold will block the airflow that passes through the evaporator coils. As a result, the efficiency of your air conditioner will be reduced.
  • Rodents and other small creatures usually take shelter in covered air conditioning units during winter. They may take it as you made them a tiny little house where they can nest against the cold breeze. Rats may chew and strip off the uninsulated Freon lines and other electrical wiring, causing major damage to your air conditioning system. Or you can have a family of mice with their little pups in your AC unit.

Should you cover your AC unit in the winter? An air conditioning unit that is built to operate all year round is also designed to last even without a cover in an outdoor environment. However, if you decide to put a cover on your outdoor AC unit, there is a wide range of options available that you can choose from.

Should You Cover Your AC Unit In the Winter?

What to cover your AC unit in the winter?

Putting a piece of plywood on top of your AC unit is a practical way of protecting your air conditioner during winter. It may look unreliable in terms of quality, but it’s a practical way of covering your AC unit as it is inexpensive. It will also serve its purpose of keeping leaves and other debris out, as well as small animals.

Remember to put bricks on top of the plywood so it will stay in place. And since it keeps the sides of your air conditioner open, it will also keep the moisture away.

There are also mesh covers for AC units that are available in the market, as well as an air conditioner lid. Aside from keeping the leaves and dirt out, covers like these will allow the air to flow properly.

If you decide to cover your air conditioning unit, see to it that you only cover the top just enough to keep the leaves and other debris from falling into it.

Lastly, the decision of whether to cover your AC unit in the winter or not only depends on the personal preference of the homeowner. Either way, learn the basics of winterizing your HVAC system in the fall.

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Putting some cover on your outdoor AC unit during winter has been a cause of debate for years. Several pros and cons regarding this matter must be considered. But with CoolPro, you will get the most timely, professional, and complete heating and cooling services.

The best way to prolong the life of your AC unit is to have it checked regularly by a professional HVAC technician. Technically, it depends on the homeowner whether they want to cover their AC unit or not. But the guidance from the experts will provide you with the information that you need.

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