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Winterizing Your HVAC System in the Fall

Just because it rarely snows in Georgia does not mean seasonal HVAC system maintenance should be neglected. And the moment you get a freeze warning, the last thing you want to discover is a problem in your heating system. Here are the things you can do in winterizing your HVAC system in the fall.

The key to extending the life of your heating and cooling system is knowing how to do the right maintenance. No one wants to be caught up with a heat pump that stops working in the middle of winter. So here are the key tips to getting your HVAC system ready for winter.

Winterizing Your HVAC System: What You Need to Do

Turn Off Your HVAC Unit

Switch off the circuit of your HVAC unit before starting any maintenance checkup. An HVAC unit usually has a switch with a metal lid outdoors. Turn that off to power off your HVAC system.

Wipe Down the Cover

Take bird droppings, dust, and any dirt off the cover using a wet cloth. Make sure to do this on a warm day so the cover will dry immediately and completely.

See to it that there aren’t any debris under and around the unit such as leaves, sticks, and dead bugs. Leaves and sticks will only invite rodents to build a nest in your unit. This will cause problems to your HVAC unit if not addressed.

Use a Furnace Cover

Using a tarp to cover your unit is not recommended since fabric covers will only attract small rodents. Use a furnace cover instead. If you don’t have one, you can opt for plywood and put bricks on top of it so it will not fall off.

It is best to ask the manufacturer of your HVAC system for the type of cover they will recommend. Aside from leaves and sticks, covering your HVAC unit will also prevent icicles from falling into it.

One of the things you should not forget when winterizing your HVAC system is to remove the cover of your air conditioner before using it again during the summer to avoid overheating.

More Tips in Winterizing Your HVAC System

Use Foam Pipe Covers

Cover exposed pipes with foam pipe covers to keep the pipes from breaking and freezing. Use duct tape to keep the covers in place after slipping them over the exposed pipe.

Do a Furnace Tune-Up

Set your thermostat to your desired temperature for the winter. See to it that your home reaches your ideal temperature before turning it off. To fire up your furnace properly, it is best to turn it on at least three times before you finally switch from air conditioning to heating.

Check the Outdoor Unit More Frequently

Get your HVAC unit up and running before winter fully arrives. And even if you already prepared your outdoor unit, inspecting it every month during the whole winter is still needed. It is a way of making sure that no small animals or debris are inside the unit. Brush off the ice and snow that is on top or outside the unit as well.

Winterizing Your HVAC System: Why You Need to Do It

Doing HVAC maintenance every fall and summer is the best way to avoid major repairs and possible replacement of your unit. Winterizing your HVAC system against ice and snow is a must as the warm summer days slowly turn into chilly weather in the fall.

Get Rid of Critters

Rats, mice, squirrels, and other kinds of rodents love to take shelter in warm places when the weather gets cold. And nobody wants their HVAC unit to house such living creatures during winter.

Keep Rust and Other Problems at Bay

Winter can cause damages to your HVAC system. Protect it from ice and snow that may cause rust to your unit.

Extend Your HVAC Unit’s Lifespan

One of the main reasons why you need to winterize your HVAC system is to avoid malfunctions and extend the lifespan of your unit.

Winterizing Your HVAC System in the Fall

Need help in winterizing your HVAC system? Get help from a certified HVAC professional!

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Aside from good security and proper lighting, ensuring the right heating and cooling system is the secret to comfortable living. However, an HVAC system is one of the things in your house that needs the most maintenance. If winterizing your HVAC system is not your skill, you can get a free estimate and schedule a service with CoolPro today.

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