What is air balancing heating and cooling?.

What is Air Balancing and Why Do I Need It

Your HVAC system may benefit from air balancing if you notice inconsistent temperatures when the air conditioner is running. Achieving consistent air conditioning outputs throughout the building or house is achieved through air balancing.


From room to room, do you feel a difference in temperature? Do any areas of the house or building seem to be warmer or colder than others? Air balancing corrects issues related to airflow and evenly distributes temperatures throughout.

It is necessary to test and modify an existing HVAC system in order to ensure the optimal flow of air conditioning throughout the building. A balance of air is an essential part of every commercial construction project, but the same principles can also be applied to residential and apartment buildings.

Furthermore, air balancing may increase the efficiency of the air conditioning system, reduce energy bills, and add longevity to HVAC components.

Diagnose HVAC Issues with Air Balancing 

HVAC professionals can better understand the performance of your system by combining and analyzing the data from these tests. Using a virtual map, they can determine the comfort balance and airflow in the building. In this way, temperature fluctuations will be pinpointed and the underlying cause uncovered.

An air balancing inspection can identify the following issues:

  • Defective or perforated ductwork
  • Loose or leaking joints
  • Blocked ducts
  • Undersized ductwork
  • Long ductwork
  • Sharply curved ductwork

Remedies for air balance

You may be able to achieve a better airflow by adjusting your fan speed, control devices, and thermostat. Adding dampers or adjusting existing ones may also be recommended by the HVAC technicians to attain the desired airflow.

Technicians may recommend to homeowners or property owners the best course of action to fix an imbalanced airflow due to ductwork problems. Insulating or sealing the ducts could be a simple solution. We recommend patching or replacing broken, collapsed or damaged air conditioning ducts. By refitting and sealing the duct junction, loose joints can be repaired.

Often, ductwork that is too long or that is inadequately sized can require invasive modifications. The layout of some ducts can be altered to even out the flow of air conditioning, without requiring a complete redesign.


Testing your HVAC system’s performance is essential for determining your system’s air balance.

A technician first needs to understand how much air is leaving the registers throughout the house. In order to do this, flow hoods will be placed over the registers that supply air and will be used to measure airflow. After that, they will measure the pressure in the supply and return airflows of the HVAC system using other equipment, such as a manometer. Through the use of hygrometers, they can monitor humidity levels as well as heat gain and loss in different parts of the house or building.


Enhanced Energy Efficiency

Airflow is directly tied to HVAC system performance. The system has to work harder when there is an imbalanced airflow in the home or office. Maintaining balanced airflow will prevent wasted energy used for air conditioning.

Longevity of HVAC Equipment

In your heating and air conditioning system, a good airflow reduces the amount of dust, mold, and buildup that accumulates over time. Combined with resulting improved airflow efficiency, this will allow the HVAC system to last for years to come.

Increased Comfort 

In the summer heat, living spaces that don’t receive enough air conditioning are uncomfortable. By maintaining air balance, each room receives the maximum amount of cool air and hot spots are reduced.

Improved Air Quality

An efficient air exchange system improves air quality by lowering the level of mold spores, pollen and dust suspended in the air.


Summer isn’t the time to accept inconsistent air conditioning output. The building shouldn’t feel stuffy, hot, or stale when you walk in a room.

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